What does Feminism mean to me?

To me, feminism is about equality. It’s about a seat at the table, a voice, recognition. It’s about inclusion. It’s about transcending differences. To me, being a feminist means supporting each other – man or woman – not tearing them down. Being a feminist is about making room for everyone, not about being on top. Being a feminist shouldn’t be an embarrassment. It shouldn’t be an accusation. It shouldn’t only be for women. To me, the foundations of feminism are very real; women are treated as lesser to men in many ways all around the world, sometimes in places that feel so far removed from us, and sometimes right under our noses. To me, feminism is something we should all strive for – whether man or woman. How wouldn’t we all benefit from equality, opportunity and love? Let’s keep going until we don’t need to talk about it anymore. I know I will. #HappyInternationalWomensDay

(Image: Pinterest)

Double Standards

Double standards highlight the flaws in our society’s gender relations. But it is even more worrying and dangerous when our attempts to solve other flaws in society create other double standards. I’ve included two videos in this post. The first one is an advert for Pantene Philippines, so obviously this video is made for commercial use, but I think that it addresses some of the issues that are still inherent in our society. The second video is of a more serious nature in spreading awareness about violence; this video made me think not only about the way people might react to certain things they see but also made me wonder how I might have reacted witnessing those situations. Ultimately, I believe it shows us that we shouldn’t always be comfortable with the way things are, that we should assume things are as they seem or how we expect them to be, and that balance and equality are significant to every end of the spectrum. Double standards may mostly be in favour of a certain gender, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that that gender may suffer from double standards too.