Merry Christmas Darling


Whilst this time of year brings joy and love to families and friendships, I believe that Christmas should extend beyond this. We need to remember to show love to those who are easily forgotten or left behind, those we wish we could be with or those we have unintentionally lost touch with. These displays of affection are simple and effortless, but rewarding, powerful and memorable: ring a friend or family member who is currently living abroad and away for Christmas; pay a visit to a sick relative in hospital who isn’t surrounded by the homely atmosphere; send a card to somebody you haven’t spoken to for a long time; drop off a bunch of flowers to that neighbour who has always helped you out; light a candle at the grave of a lost one in loving memory; surprise someone who is living alone with some company; donate to a charity or a Christmas collection for those less fortunate. Envelop everybody in the spirit of love, because everybody deserves that special gesture, no matter how insignificant you believe it to be.