The best way out is always through

Robert Frost quote

Our first instinct, when we face a situation that is terrifying, unpleasant or difficult, is to get out as quickly as possible. Sometimes, it’s the best course of action. We just stop. We just give up. But sometimes we do it unnecessarily. Sometimes, the best way out is through. That’s where strength is born. That’s where adventure lies. That’s where knowledge awaits. That’s where living begins. Don’t hide away when things get tough. You will get through it. And you’ll be better because of it.


Midnight Motivation: Keep Holding On

Miracles Giving Up

It’s so discouraging to hit a low point in any aspect of our lives, whether in relationships, in a project, in our work, in our goals, especially when we know we’ve been putting in the effort and time. It’s like we’re running uphill but going nowhere or desperately trying to find land but stuck in the middle of the sea. But let’s not give up. Even if we have to walk, crawl, float, take a breath, we mustn’t give up, because we are getting closer and closer. With each step, we’re covering more ground, we’re getting better, and we’re figuring out what will and won’t work. With each step, we’re moving forward, even if we feel like we’re going backwards or around in circles. Don’t stop now; what you’re looking for might just be round the corner.

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens.

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Thought of the Day: Giving Up


Sometimes there are times when we shouldn’t give up, especially those times when we are pursuing our dreams, no matter how hard we are working or how long it takes to get results. We shouldn’t give up on ourselves, because we have potential and we can let it shine through. But, what about those times that we spend endlessly trying to make a relationship work, or trying to keep a friendship from crumbling, or sticking to a job or course that gives us no satisfaction? Giving up shouldn’t always be viewed as a negative. Sometimes, it takes the strongest people to have the courage to give up on the things that aren’t making them happy. If relationships aren’t going anywhere, if our work isn’t making us happy, then we should find relationships and work that give us what we need. And this to relate to anything. We need to pursue what makes us happy and not waste energy on the things that don’t. We should feel confident about giving up on things so that we can find something else to fight for and to dedicate ourselves too. It’s ok to give up sometimes and it’s admirable to keep going other times, as long as either way, we are not giving up on ourselves.