Life will work out

It may not seem like it at the time, but life will work itself out for the best in the end. Rain will make the flowers grow. Darkness will illuminate the light. Villains will create heroes. Difficult roads will lead to beautiful destinations. Don’t worry. Hard times will pass, but they’ll make you stronger. Better times will follow in their wake. Keep holding on.


You never know what might happen tomorrow

Butterfly quote

Stars are formed in a cloud of dust. The cloud of gas and dust collapses under it’s own gravitational attraction. And a protostar is born, made up of some of the gas and dust it’s gathered in the process. What does this have to do with you? Well, you never know what might happen tomorrow. If you think your world is ending or you feel your world is unclear, remember you never know what might happen tomorrow. All the trouble and turmoil is building you into a star. A beautiful, bright star. Have faith. And don’t give up too easily. Your world isn’t ending, it’s just beginning.

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Thought of the Day: Change


Some of us cower from change, some of us crave it and some of us accept it. Perhaps our reaction to change depends on whether it is the external or internal that is changing. But, in reality, they’re pretty dependent on one another. When something significant shifts in our life, we too must change with it. We cannot expect our life to change without changing as well. Similarly, we cannot change without time moving on. Don’t resist it. Have faith in change and all it offers. Whether change brings hardships or blessings, we will be alright in the end – better than alright if we learn to adapt too.