Healing a wound 

To heal a wound, we have to stop touching it. To move on from the past, we have to stop reliving it. It will take time, willpower, forgiveness, courage and compassion. But it will get better, as long as we keep ourselves moving forwards and looking forwards. That’s the direction we should be heading.
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The message of Christmas


As we gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, let us pray for the world he came to save, that all its people may recognise their responsibility for its future, and may be inspired by the message of Christmas to work together for the establishment of justice, freedom, and peace everywhere; and for all in special need: the sick, the anxious, the lonely, the fearful, and the bereaved; that the peace and light of the Christ-child may bring hope and healing to all who sit in darkness.

(From a carol service at Westminster Abbey)

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