Life will work out

It may not seem like it at the time, but life will work itself out for the best in the end. Rain will make the flowers grow. Darkness will illuminate the light. Villains will create heroes. Difficult roads will lead to beautiful destinations. Don’t worry. Hard times will pass, but they’ll make you stronger. Better times will follow in their wake. Keep holding on.


Song of the Week: Heroes by Alesso ft Tove Lo


Little kids often dream of being heroes. In many cases, this involves superpowers, physical battles and life-and-death situations. Perhaps these dreams soon dissolve when we realise that life is actually somewhat ordinary and the idea of being a hero is too exotic. But every everyday person can be a hero, no fearlessness or sacrifice needed. Everyday life has potential for heroic moments, no superpowers, battles or life-and-death situations necessary. Of course, there are brave men and women that are fighting for our countries and protecting people’s lives. They are heroes. But heroic acts do not need to be monumental. Some of our actions may seem small to us but they are contributing to something monumental: giving a homeless person food or a blanket, working at an organisation that invests in research for deadly diseases, helping a younger sibling out, or talking with a lonely elderly person. They might not seem like the matter to you, but they make a difference to someone else. And that is heroic.

Heroes by Alesso ft Tove Lo: