Breathe in, breathe out

If it ever feels like too much, take a breath. Take a moment for yourself. Nothing is worth burning out, or working yourself into the ground, or living in a constant state of anxiety. Being overworked isn’t an accomplishment. Taking care of ourselves is too underrated. But it’s also imperative. Find the right balance. We don’t need to be superhuman to have superpowers.

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Trying your best 

We can only try our best. We’re not all-powerful and we’re not all-knowing. We can only make decisions to the best of our abilities. If we do that, we can bear the many mistakes we’ll make and the troubles that life will bring. Because we can’t ask more of ourselves than our best. We’re only human and that’s alright.


We’re not machines

Energies come and go like trains at a station. We won’t always be motivated or focused. We won’t always be positive or happy. We won’t always be how we want to be or how we feel we should be. We’re not machines. We need to accept that sometimes we break down, sometimes our heart isn’t in it, sometimes we’re sad, sometimes we’re tired. And that’s ok. We’re human. Let energies come and let them go. 


We’re only human


We are not trainwrecks. We are not washouts. We are not tragedies. We are not wastes of spaces. And even if we can’t convince ourselves otherwise, so what? We’re all these at some point in our lives. We’re only human. We’re only capable of so much. And sometimes things don’t work out. We’re not defined by our mistakes. We are not defined by our baggage. We are not defined by other people’s perceptions. So stop letting yourself be defined by them. Live freely. Live boldly. Live deeply.