Do not worry about things that haven’t happened

Do not worry about what might be. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. There’s no way for us to see what our future will look like. It will have ups and downs, but it will be ok in the end. Worry about what might be will only darken what is right in front of you. Especially because it might not even happen. You can battle your problems when they come. Enjoy the time you have now.

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Our mind is our passport


Our mind is our passport to any place we want to go. When we believe in ourselves, we can climb mountains. When we have faith in others, our relationships blossom beyond our expectations. When we remain positive in the face of adversity, we find blessings in what we already have. When we trust that life can be different, we have the power to change. When we master our mind, we master our body, our happiness, our success, our relationships, our confidence, and so much more. All our cans and cannots are figments of our mind. Our life achieves what our mind believes.


Hope and Imagine

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It doesn’t matter who people think you are or who people say you are. What matters is who you think you are. You cannot let that go or push it aside for anyone. You will achieve all that you hope for and that you fight for. Others may not believe in you, but their imagination doesn’t stretch as far as yours. You are the only one who can bring those dreams to life. You hold the power. Don’t let anyone take away from you the possibility to do unimaginable things.

“Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things no one can imagine” – The Imitation Game