Wake up

Wake up with anticipation and believe something great will happen. Wake up with love and believe in yourself. Wake up with determination and give the day your best. Wake up with gratitude and be thankful for the beauty your life holds. Wake up with great intentions and share your light with others. Every day is a gift. Let’s make it count from the very beginning.

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Thought of the Day: Mistakes

Mistakes quote

Mistakes. Some might say that they lessen with age. But truthfully, as we get older, we just get more afraid of trying and failing. So we stop putting ourselves out there. But we need to let go of this perception that mistakes are bad. There is no such thing as a bad mistake – with only one exception. The worst mistake we can make is to not forgive others or ourselves for mistakes. Sometimes good people make bad choices. Sometimes people make mistakes with good intentions. Sometimes people don’t mean to at all. Including us. If we try to avoid making mistakes, we’ll just end up avoiding life. And life goes on, whether you want to follow it or not. Make sure it doesn’t leave you behind.

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Thought of the Day: Expression

express yourself

Expression is a powerful tool that we all possess and we shouldn’t be afraid to use it. Our expression defines who we are. We should feel comfortable expressing our sadness or anxiety as well as our achievements and happiness. We should be brave enough to express what we believe in and stand by it. We should never forget to express our gratitude and happiness for others. Expression shouldn’t be a weapon muddled with hatred or jealousy. We shouldn’t be using our words to bring others down or place people in a negative light. We shouldn’t be expressing ourselves in a way that invalidates or manipulates others. Our expression illustrates who we are. So find expression in your toolkit and use it with good intentions. We’re trying to fix the world, not break it.

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Have the Best Intentions

Mark Twain do the right thing quote

The things we do, and the things we say, define the way we are remembered by those around us and mark the way we see ourselves. Although perhaps daunting and intimidating, this is a powerful gift. Now, we cannot always do right and it’s only natural for us to make mistakes. But we can always have the best intentions, as they lie completely in our hands. It can be so easy to get caught up in revenge or anger or frustration, which lead us to act impulsively and foolishly. But if we are determined to act with the best intentions, nobody can ask more of us and we cannot ask more of ourselves. Clear your mind of the negative energies and hold onto that gift. It might be hard to honour the gift but it will be worth it.

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