Take time to think

Take some time to think, to breathe. It’s not easy in a world that pushes us to stay busy, physically and mentally. But if we don’t, life will be exhausting and it will take its toll. Take a bath or a long shower to wash away the dirt of the day. Take a walk outside to air out the pollution clogging up your lungs. Take a journal and pour out all negativity with the ink of the pen. Take to the floor and meditate to let go of your worries about the future and bring yourself to the present moment. Invest some time in yourself. Take time to be with your own thoughts. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

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Invest in yourself

Invest In Yourself Always

Sometimes the only person we can count on is ourselves. Sometimes we forget and neglect ourselves. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough time and energy. We need to start investing in ourselves, because we matter. Whether that’s to study further, put the time in, set expectations, take a break, try something new, cut out mouldy relationships or practice a sport, there are little choices we make that favour us or hinder us. And choosing to lessen our worth will never get us anywhere. The seeds will only grow if you keep watering them.

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Thought of the Day: The Price

Price quote

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. Our lives are made up of our investments: what we invest our time and energy into. We sometimes pay the price and other times we add value to our investments. And a lot of the time, we will see a similar return. If we invest in hate over love, in the past over the future, in negativity over positivity, and so on, we’ll often find that that will come back to us. Sometimes we make mistakes, and that’s ok. But let’s be conscious of what we’re investing into. Because we want to live life, not waste it. So choose wisely.

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Thought of the Day: Letting Others Down

Eleanor Roosevelt quote

Many of us struggle with the idea of letting others down. Sometimes it’s the people who raised us or the people who we look up to. Sometimes it’s the people who have helped us out or the people who have been kind to us. We do not want to come across as ungrateful, selfish or inconsiderate. We want to make them proud. But we cannot always be guided by what people think or by what would be best for other people. Sometimes, we have to let them down to pursue what’s best for us. And that doesn’t make us a monster. If those people are invested in us, they will move past it and be happy for us. We can’t always please everyone.

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Thought of the Day: Energy

good energy quote

Energy is everything. Where we invest our energy and where we waste our energy defines who we are and determines the places we go. And it’s not always easy to see whether we’re investing or wasting. Sometimes it’s a matter of perspective. But we’ve still got to be conscious of our energy. If we soak in negative energy, it will weigh us down. If we feed ourselves negative energy, it will consume us. If we circulate negative energy, it will fester in the world, only to create a downward spiral. But if we soak in positive energy, feed ourselves positive energy, and circulate positive energy, we send out love and faith in life to both ourselves and the world. Energy is contagious. Use it wisely.

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