Thought of the Day: Difficulty

Motiere obstacles quote

When we face a difficulty, we sigh in despair or cry out in frustration. We’re blinded by the work, the time and the poor odds. But out of every difficulty, a seed sprouts. We can choose to be a fighter or a quitter. We can choose to be versatile or stale. We can choose to find the beauty or the hindrance. It’s hard at the time to be an optimist. But in every difficulty, we’ll find the greatest glory once we realise we conquered it.


The best way out is always through

Robert Frost quote

Our first instinct, when we face a situation that is terrifying, unpleasant or difficult, is to get out as quickly as possible. Sometimes, it’s the best course of action. We just stop. We just give up. But sometimes we do it unnecessarily. Sometimes, the best way out is through. That’s where strength is born. That’s where adventure lies. That’s where knowledge awaits. That’s where living begins. Don’t hide away when things get tough. You will get through it. And you’ll be better because of it.


Thought of the Day: The Current

Malcolm Muggeridge quote

Sometimes we have to go against the crowd, the current, the common. It’s paramount for our principles, for our sanity, for our future, for our growth. It might be easier to follow the flow and copy what everyone else is doing, but it’s not the most satisfying or worthwhile. We should be out experimenting, discovering, learning, challenging, creating, living. Stand by what you believe in and stick to who you are. Otherwise, you might not recognise yourself in the reflection.

Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream – Malcolm Muggeridge

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Three Reasons Why Change is Awesome!

Max de Pree quote

Change is terrifying, testing, and inevitable. But it is also essential, beneficial and awesome. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. We are challenged to experience new things. Most of us are afraid of change because it is so unknown and ultimately out of our comfort zone. But where’s the sense of adventure, curiosity and wonder in staying in the same place? We are given the opportunity to explore more of the world and its array of colours through change.
  2. Along with our new experiences, we grow as a person; we learn not only about the situations we are put in, but also about ourselves. We might make mistakes, but they are never wasted, because we are always taking in what we should do better next time, how to approach different situations and how to adapt.
  3. Life will progress with change. Without being able to experience or learn anything new, we would never be able to see the flaws in ourselves or the world. And without change, we would never realise that impossibilities can become possibilities, that limits are only figments of the imagination, that what we know now is only a snippet of what we can know. Without change, we would never be able to start again or improve. Change means that we can become whoever we want to be and create a world that we want to see.


Todays and Tomorrows

live in the moment

Sometimes we spend too much time on tomorrow; we dream and work for the life we want to have and we worry and weep about ending up with the life we don’t want to have. I’m not going to say it’s a waste, but how often do we stop to look at today? Without today, we wouldn’t ever be able to appreciate our progress, ever reap the benefits of what we sow, or ever assess what works and what doesn’t. Today is the moment we feel, we start, we learn. Our tomorrows are built up of a number of todays. Once we master today, then we can take on tomorrow.

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