Work in progress

Life is a work in progress. It won’t always be easy, it won’t always be perfect, and it won’t always be bright. But it’s those complexities, discrepancies and intricacies that make it worth living. We appreciate more when we have less, appreciate ease when we’ve worked hard, and appreciate light when we’ve sat in the dark. We’re still finding our way and changing our minds and making mistakes and trying again. Life’s a work in progress and we are too. We can design and live as we please. That’s the beauty of life.


Thought of the Day: Riches


The richest person is not the one who has the most. But the one who needs the least. The one who can turn less into more. The one who realises that even when we have more, we’ll still want more. We can become so fixated on our addictions to having more that we never truly appreciate what we have. But riches don’t always translate to materiality. We can be rich in love, in knowledge, in strength. And that only comes through living, not accumulating. We don’t need that much. In the end, it will only weigh us down.

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Thought of the Day: More

More quote

Many of us believe that ‘more’ equals ‘better’. To have more money is to be happier. To work more hours is to be more successful. To be more confident or beautiful is to be liked more by others. Sometimes, more is better, through striving to grow and improve ourselves and our lives. But less can be more too. What we have now and who we are now is also enough, if not better. We don’t always need more to be more. If we get caught up in always wanting more, we might miss everything we already have. Sometimes we need less to have more. It’s a conundrum worth thinking about.