Let go and be free


When we let go, we free ourselves. When we let go of expectations, we free ourselves of disappointment. When we let go of what people think, we free ourselves of boundaries and limitations. When we let go of our fear of failing, we open ourselves up to memorable and life changing experiences. When we let go of unhealthy relationships, we open ourselves up to self-worth and self-love. Let go of the anchor tying you down to the seabed, and float to the surface. Don’t live in reflections and darkness, but soak up the light and breathe in that fresh gulp of air.

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Start Subtracting

Subtracting quote

It’s scary to admit when things aren’t working. Sometimes it’s because we live in hope they will get better soon. Sometimes it’s because we know there will be a long journey ahead of us. Sometimes it’s because we have no idea what the future will hold. It can be hard to let go of something we know without knowing what we’re giving it up for. But we all deserve to be happy. And that is out there somewhere. Happiness is the one thing we cannot give up on. There is more out there than we can imagine or ever know. If we’ve tried our best to make things work and they still don’t, be brave enough to walk away from them and venture into new things. Sometimes we have to subtract when things aren’t adding up. You owe it to yourself to try.

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Play Your Fight Song


There are times when we feel like we’re drowning. We’re trying to tread water but our body feels heavy and we’re on the verge of letting the waves wash over us. Sometimes we’re giving into those voices inside our heads and other times we’re giving into the voices of others, telling us we’re not good enough. But we need to hold onto whatever has got us this far, whether it’s passion, love, confidence, belief, courage. We need to tune out those voices and play our fight song. Because you are good enough. You are strong. You can do this. You still have it in you. Prove those voices wrong.

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Thought of the Day: Giving Up

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Sometimes life is a struggle between knowing when to push on and when to give up. It’s hard to know when it’s the last straw, the last chance or the last attempt. Giving up is perceived as weak, lazy and cowardly. But giving up can also be brave and essential to our happiness. To give up on a bad career, on a relationship that’s going nowhere, or on a path that’s leading us in the wrong direction is admirable. To give up can bring relief, peace and freedom. It can give us back our time, our focus, and our energy. Of course, there are times when we shouldn’t give up. And sometimes we just have to follow our instincts to know what to do. But ultimately, we shouldn’t give up on our own wellbeing. Sometimes that requires some holding on and some letting go. Whichever it is, let it lead you forward.

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Pierce Your Bubble


If we look at the sun too long, we are blinded. In the same way, we can easily become too caught up in our life, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we are lost in a lack of motivation, in jealousy, or in negativity. Sometimes we are trapped in arguments, in relationships, or in the monotony of daily life. We’re deafened by the noise to the point where we can’t hear clearly. Sometimes we need to pierce our own bubble to get some clarity. We need room to breathe, a change of pace and a little distance. It’s okay to let go to see what you really want to hold onto. And it’s okay to let go of what is actually holding you down.

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Three Things We Need to Let Go

Letting go quote

On our journey, we pick up a lot of baggage. Sometimes it can get too much to carry. Sometimes we’ve just got to leave some of it behind. So here are three things that we should learn to let go of as soon as possible:

1. Perfection

Whether we want the perfect life, the perfect partner, the perfect body or whether we project the expectation of perfection onto every piece of work we do, we are destined to be disappointed. Of course it’s beautiful to dream, to have prospects, to strive further, but we have to understand that we’re human and that life is unexpected. Perfection isn’t an option in most cases. If we keep pretending it is, we won’t ever feel satisfied with ourselves or the world. And that would be a real shame.

2. Approval

The contradictory truth is that we are always influenced by the people around us and we want others to like us but it is virtually impossible to please everyone whilst also pleasing ourselves. It’s cliche, but we only have one life to live. If we want to do something, we should do it, regardless of anyone’s opinion. Approval should be an added bonus rather than a requirement. Better yet, instead of seeking approval, seek people who are supportive, non-judgemental and love you for who you are.

3. Excuses

It’s so easy to put off, to procrastinate, to laze around and to make excuses about why we can’t do something or why we shouldn’t do something. But excuses won’t get us anywhere, not with our relationships and not with our goals. We need to be moving forward, how ever slowly. Act on that instinct, that inspiration, that idea. Don’t wait around, because whilst we’re sitting around, time is still flying by. And we won’t be able to catch up.

What do you think we should let go of? What are you learning to let go of? Please leave them in the comments below!

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