Thought of the Day: Contradictions

Ralph Waldo Emerson stars quote

Life is full of contradictions. We cannot know happiness without sadness. We cannot know success without failure. We cannot know relationships without loneliness. We cannot know confidence without insecurity. The contradictions are what make life beautiful. Because happiness flourishes from sadness, through the comfort of those around us. Because failure nurtures success by testing our perseverance and strength. Because loneliness makes us value those people we take for granted around us. Because insecurity reminds us that we can love ourselves despite our imperfections. Don’t be afraid to feel, both the joyful and melancholy emotions. It’s ok to let them out. And life will be better because of it.


Thought of the Day: Loneliness

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Loneliness is a perplexing emotion, terrifying yet welcoming, undesirable yet invited. It is intertwined with love. To feel lonely can often be to feel unloved; we crave companionship to feel valued and cherished. But others find comfort and peace in loneliness; sometimes the paths we take are the ones we must travel alone and sometimes they are the ones nobody has travelled before. Loneliness shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. It is a chance to come to terms with oneself and be apart from those that we rely on most so that we can learn to rely on ourselves. Being alone allows us to learn to love ourselves for who we are rather than who we are with. With that said, do not use loneliness as a way to isolate oneself or as a means of avoiding other problems. It is not a bad thing to crave companionship. Use your relationships to bring out the beautiful person that you are and to bring out the beautiful person that other people are. Find a balance.

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