Don’t lose who you are

Don’t lose those parts of you that make you think outside the box. Don’t lose those parts of you that keep you grounded. Don’t lose those parts of you that make you laugh uncontrollably, love unconditionally and live unapologetically. Don’t keep trying to fit inside someone else’s lines. Don’t lose those parts of you that make you you. 


Saying Goodbye

EE Cummings heart quote

People come in and out of our lives, sometimes welcomed and other times with apprehension. But we shouldn’t be afraid to say goodbye, no matter how final it will be and no matter how unknown the future will be. Our relationships are the roots of our joy in life. The people that touch us will remain in our memories and hearts as long as we let them. People also, ultimately, shape who we are: how we act, how we interact, how we think. They teach us ways of life. So they never really leave us, and therefore, it’s never truly goodbye.

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart) – e.e. cummings


Song of the Week: Cannonball


I haven’t grown tired of this first single for Lea Michele’s album Louder since it was released in December. It not only marked an important time in Michele’s life, having to move forward after losing someone very close to her, but it can easily be an anthem for anybody going through a hard time in their lives. Mourning and grieving and crying for something or someone are always important stages in the event of a loss or hardship. But there also needs to be a moment where you realise that you should make the most of life. Sometimes we hold onto the sadness and the pain because we feel that that is the only way to remember and keep the feeling of that person or thing we have lost in our memory. But memories are meant to be looked back upon fondly and with love and happiness; living your life to the fullest is the way of honouring what you have at that moment and what you have lost in the past. Give yourself time and allow yourself to heal.