The gift of time

Gift of time

Time is our most precious gift, to give and to receive. It’s perhaps one taken most for granted, because we’re spending it constantly. But time is one gift that is truly irreplaceable, valuable and magical. Time spent listening, comforting, loving, laughing, helping is never wasted. That time shapes our memories and our character, and those of the people around us. Time brings life alive. Time is a treasure we should share more often. We can never get it back, so we might as well spend it abundantly.

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Thought of the Day: Riches


The richest person is not the one who has the most. But the one who needs the least. The one who can turn less into more. The one who realises that even when we have more, we’ll still want more. We can become so fixated on our addictions to having more that we never truly appreciate what we have. But riches don’t always translate to materiality. We can be rich in love, in knowledge, in strength. And that only comes through living, not accumulating. We don’t need that much. In the end, it will only weigh us down.

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What is valuable to you?

Things you can't buy the-best-thing-in-life-are-free

Sometimes we need to take a step back and assess what is most important in our lives and what we are grateful for. Those shoes and bags, those houses and cars, will they really matter in the end? Are we going to remember them in the long term? What is going to live in people’s memories of us once we’re gone? Does something valuable even have a price tag; is it free? Living in a material world, it is easy to believe that material objects bring us happiness, and sometimes they do and I’m not judging anyone for that; we’re all guilty of (or at least privy to) it. Perhaps the value of something is how long it takes us to earn it, how much we want it and how much we are willing to sacrifice for it. Perhaps the value of something is determined by its contribution to how we will be remembered: how we always helped people, how we were always smiling, how we took chances and opportunities and strove for what we wanted from ourselves. Maybe the value of something is whether we’d grab it in the event of an emergency or whether we would hold onto it at a time when we felt loss. Maybe the value of something is that which is irreplaceable or something we could easily lose. Perhaps what is valuable is that which makes sense at times when nothing else does. Maybe something is valuable if we cannot see it or touch it, only feel it. What is valuable to you?