Life is tough, but so are you

Life is tough quote

One minute, life is pure sunshine. Next minute, life is a heavy downpour. And even if the sun does come out again, it can be hard to dry off. Life is tough. But that’s what makes life worth living. That’s what gives life meaning. That’s what reveals who we really are. And even though life is hard, it still is beautiful. Even in a downpour. Pick up an umbrella and keep going. Life is tough, but so are you.

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Thought of the Day: Our Purpose

Two most important days quote

The thought of having a life’s purpose can be intimidating. To think that our life has meaning or calling can be overwhelming. But we are all here on this earth, so why wouldn’t we make it count? We don’t have to be the best to have purpose. We don’t have to be first to have purpose. We don’t have to hold everything to have purpose. What are you passionate about? What makes you happy? What do you want to change? The answer may be simple. The answer may transform. And that’s ok. Because whatever our answer is, that is where our purpose lies. So run with it.

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Thought of the Day: Purpose

Purpose Buechner quote

When we think of purpose, we think of the profound, perhaps the divine, but ultimately the powerful. We think that purpose means setting high expectations of ourselves and of the future. But purpose does not only entail mass movements to change the world and certainly is not bestowed only on particular people.

We all hold a key to a piece of the world. And with that, we all have a purpose. We can claim it and we can change our minds. We can find purpose in small actions and in greater plans. It doesn’t matter what our purpose is or where, how and why we came to it. It doesn’t matter what scale we conceive it to have or what means we have at our disposal. All that matters is we act on it. Because we all have a gift that we can share with the world. Even if we don’t realise it yet.