Three Laid-Back, Inspirational Songs

Here are three of my favourite, more laid-back but still inspirational songs at the moment. These are just my interpretations of these songs, and I’d love to hear what you think of when you listen to them, because I think listening to any song is quite a personal experience. I hope you enjoy!

Satellite Call by Sara Bareilles

This is so you’ll know the sound, of someone who loves you from the ground, tonight you’re not alone at all, this is me sending out my satellite call.

This song was written for the lonely child. It is the perfect combination of soft melody and comforting lyrics. We have all felt lonely at one point or another, sometimes out of choice and sometimes we find that we are. We have all felt that we are to blame for things that go wrong in our lives or in those lives of the people around us and who we love. I think this song is a reminder that we are never alone, because there are other people who feel lonely too. It brings a sense of community and love to a situation when you are in the greatest need of it.

Storm Comin’ by The Wallin’ Jennys

Don’t run from the comin’ storm, ‘cause you can’t keep a storm from comin’

I think this song could have many interpretations, but here is one particularly inspirational interpretation for you. The storm could be a metaphor for a change happening in your life. This could be something unexpected, something saddening, or something frightening, among many other things. Hiding away from problems and letting them bottle up inside will not make those problems go away. It is always best to try and embrace those changes instead of running from them, because in the end you might find that you are a better person or it will bring something rewarding and pleasant. It’s about being optimistic and having courage.

Magic by Coldplay

And if you were to ask me, after all we’ve been through, still believe in magic, oh yes I do

Running on a similar theme to the other two songs, this song reminds us that when those unexpected, saddening, or frightening things happen and when things change, we shouldn’t give up on the faith and hope that things can be better again, that we can rectify and work on mistakes we’ve made, and that brighter things are yet to come. We cannot always choose what happens in our lives, but we can choose how we relate to and are affected by them.

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