The gift of time

Gift of time

Time is our most precious gift, to give and to receive. It’s perhaps one taken most for granted, because we’re spending it constantly. But time is one gift that is truly irreplaceable, valuable and magical. Time spent listening, comforting, loving, laughing, helping is never wasted. That time shapes our memories and our character, and those of the people around us. Time brings life alive. Time is a treasure we should share more often. We can never get it back, so we might as well spend it abundantly.

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Hold on tight to the good things in life


Hold onto who you are. Hold onto your dignity, compassion and enthusiasm. Hold onto your patience, tolerance and forgiveness. Hold onto those who inspire and energise you, who laugh and cry with you. Hold onto love, the love others give you and your capacity to love endlessly. Hold onto the beautiful memories of times past. Hold onto hope for the future and for the unknown. Hold onto today. Hold on tight to the good things in life. Be careful they don’t slip through the cracks or shatter on the floor. Not all great things happen twice.


Three Times We Should Look Back

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It’s true that we won’t ever be able to move onto the next chapter if we keep re-reading the last one. But we cannot cut the past out of our life, and we shouldn’t have to. Coming to terms with our past can take time. But here are a few times when looking back isn’t all that bad:

  1. Reflecting on lessons learnt – All the tough times we’ve endured and all the mistakes we’ve made teach us something, and through that, we’ve become more knowledgeable and strong. The lessons of the past are invaluable to how we lead the present and the future. Hold them close.
  2. Reflecting on turning points – Our life could be plotted as a string of milestones and turning points. Sometimes we need to look back to see how far we’ve come as impetus to keep going. Sometimes we need to look back to see how something we cried over was actually a blessing. Sometimes we need to look back at how much we’ve achieved. Be proud.
  3. Reflecting on good memories – Although we’re programmed to remember those moments of pain, embarrassment and fear, there are some many more beautiful and joyous moments that we should cherish. Don’t forget them or the people who you created those memories with. Smile because it happened.

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Song of the Week: ‘The Days’ by Avicii featuring Robbie Williams

The days avicii

I expect that Avicii’s ‘The Days’ featuring Robbie Williams could probably be interpreted in an array of ways. But when I listen to this song, there’s just something so hopeful about it. I read this song as a manifesto for living in the present moment. When we do this, we are free from worry, from fear and from pressure. They are the days that we laugh the hardest and take the biggest risks. And ultimately they are the days that we won’t forget. Although time moves on and we all grow older, we collect the memories of these days and they create the map of our life so far. Although time moves on and people fall in and out of our lives, we still hold pieces of them through our memories. And that shouldn’t be a sad thing or something we regret. Memories should be something to smile over, and we should try to recreate similar moments of laughter and joy in new situations. Life is about being happy, so let’s not make it any more difficult for ourselves. Let’s keep positive!

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