Thought of the Day: Slowing down

Slowing down quote

I think we sometimes fear being bored. We fear missing out on opportunities. We fear falling behind everyone else. So we keep ourselves busy through any means possible, whether at work or on holiday. We keep going as fast as we can. But one day, we will miss out on what was right in front of us, because we are constantly chasing the future. One day, we will lose what was most important, because we didn’t see its value soon enough. One day, we will come crashing to a halt, because we can’t keep up with ourselves anymore. One day, we might even wonder how we even got to such a place, because we weren’t even looking where we were going. We don’t ever let ourselves relax, rest and re-cooperate. Our minds are constantly being fed information by technology or other people. But it is ok to switch off, to have an off-day, to not have everything figured out. It’s ok to have precautions and take your time before making decisions. We can slow down. Slowing down can open our eyes. Being bored can feed our creativity. Taking a break can make us stronger for the day when we can’t take a break. Breathing allows us to refocus and recenter in the present moment and then figure out the future. If we take a moment to stop, we might be surprised what we see.

Picture: Yumi Sakugawa (Intent Blog)