You’re alive now

Death is inescapable. But we shouldn’t let it haunt us like the ghost we may become. Because we’re alive right now and that’s what counts. We can live in whichever way we chose, be whoever we want to be and go wherever we take ourselves. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t forget that you’re alive. Someday we might die, but on all the other days, we will not.

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Thought of the day: Honesty

Honesty is hailed as a virtue, but often remains unpracticed by many of us. But honesty is not just a virtue, it’s vital. Honesty helps us develop more meaningful relationships. Honesty helps us figure out our next move. Honesty helps us come to terms with situations. We need to be more honest with others and we need to be more honest with ourselves. We need to be more honest about our feelings and our dreams. Because life’s too short to hide away who we are, how we feel, and what we want out of life. It might be uncomfortable, but it will also be healing and in the end liberating. Let’s open up what we shouldn’t ever hide away.
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What do you live for?

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When we have to determine the road of our life’s journey and we feel lost or overwhelmed by the choices we need to make, we need to evaluate what we want to get out of life. In fact, even if we have a comfortable daily routine, it is important to keep our goals for ourselves in the back of our mind.

So, what is it that you live for? Perhaps you live for the future: to be able to provide for your family or to have financial security, to be able to buy a better quality house or save up for that time-off next year. You are looking ahead and keeping the future in sight as you make your decisions now. Or maybe you live in the moment: to to drop everything or take a risk on something, to be able to seize opportunities that you might not have taken or try something new. You concentrate on the pleasures that life can bring you now rather than what could potentially happen in the future.

I think both paths are equally advantageous in different ways and perhaps we swap between the two throughout our journey. Does it depend on our responsibilities and priorities? Does it depend on the stage of our life or is it a generational thing? No matter what we decide, I think it’s important to bear our motivations, inspirations, and what we want out of life in our minds; choosing one or the other might send us on a different journey than if we picked the other, but I believe we will still be equally as fulfilled, as long as we do what makes us happy.