Pieces of Paradise

Paradise tumblr pic

Paradise. Heaven. Utopia. Nirvana. Bliss. These are spaces we aspire to inhabit, even though, in reality, there are no such places on earth. But there are pieces of paradise everywhere. In both our relationships and our solitude. In both tranquil nature and bustling cities. In both prosperity and breakdown. In both hard work and relaxation. And so on. We’ve just got to learn to look for them, instead of always focusing on the miserable moments. If we do, those pieces of paradise begin to outweigh and wash away everything else. Keep an eye out and embrace them.

(Image: Tumblr)

Get out in Nature

We cannot all be blessed with breathtaking views and beautiful scenery, but getting out in nature, in any way can be beneficial. Let the birdsong bring you peace, let the open spaces allow you to breathe in the fresh air, let the views and scenery recenter you. There is so much to be gained from the little walks outside
our front door, on top of a hill or by a river, even in the garden: therapy, relaxation, inspiration. Let your mind sync with the intricate workings of nature, and bring yourself some clarity.