Developing negatives in the darkroom

Developing from the negatives quote

Although it’s tempting to tuck our negatives into a box underneath the bed, sometimes, in life, we have to venture into the darkroom. And that’s not because we should hold onto the past as a way to punish ourselves, torment ourselves, or hold ourselves back. But because our negatives have so much more to offer us than the negatives. We can confront the past. Move on. Learn a lesson. Switch perspectives. Instigate changes. Grant forgiveness. Enhance strength. And build a healthier, more positive life. Don’t be afraid of your negatives. Don’t get hung up on them either. Grow from your negatives. And turn them into positives.

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Ignore the noise


The noise of the world and the noise in our heads often drown out confidence, optimism, and reason. Sometimes the noise of the world becomes the noise in our heads. We are told we’re not good enough. We are told we’re nothing more than our mistakes. We communicate in negatives, in lacking, in problems. Who’s dictating? Don’t let the noise suffocate your voice. Ignore the noise and get out your microphone. Sing a new tune, one that you actually want to listen to. Because the only one talking in your head should be you.


Thought of the Day: Problems and Solutions

Tony Robbins quote

We’re often told to focus on the positives and forget about the negatives. But ignoring a leaking tap will flood our life. Whilst we shouldn’t dwell on our problems, we do need to confront them. Because when we confront them, we start understanding them. And once we understand them, we know how to tackle them. Solutions are not always simple. They’re not always magical and they’re not always perfect. But they’re out there and we will find them. And that’s pretty positive.

Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions ~ Tony Robbins