What goes around

What goes around comes around. What we put out into the world, we receive in return. If we open our arms to the world, the world will come to us. If we approach life with positivity, good things will happen. If we treat others with kindness and respect, it makes its way back to us too. The simplest of things go a long way.

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Closed eyes

We can walk through life with our eyes closed. And that might be an easy road to take. But there’s so much more to life than our own thoughts and opinions, our own circumstances and hardships, our own drive and fears. And they’re important. But if we open our eyes a little wider, we see a bit more of the world as it is and how it could be. If we listen a little more, we might hear how others see the world too. We can change our thoughts, our circumstances, our fears. We step closer to realising how we make it better and how we make it worse, and how we can continue to make it better. How much better the world would be if we actually look at it and listen to it with an open mind.

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Be limitless

Be limitless. Because we touch a lot in this world. Spread positivity around like a coin that’s passed on across the world. Express love and kindness to everyone with a simple smile, compliment, gratitude, and support. Explore the corners and pockets of the earth that excite and inspire you. Exude the self love, confidence and worth you deserve.Unleash your mind in a spectrum of colour and ideas.

Don’t limit yourself, what you have to offer and what is open to you. Open yourself and open your eyes. 

Stay awake and curious

open your eyes quote

Pleasure in life can quickly fade away with time. As we get older, we become accustomed to the life around us. As we get busier, we no longer take the time to look at life’s beauty. We begin to take our life for granted, always wanting something more, something better. But walking around blindly is to be numb to the happiness life’s beauty brings. Sometimes we need to open our eyes wide like it’s the first time we’re seeing something. Sometimes we need to open our eyes wide like it’s the last time we’ll see something. That’s how we capture life’s magic. Don’t be ignorant or indifferent. Stay awake and curious.

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Tear down the walls in your mind

walls in the mind quote

The only place where we are truly confined is in our own mind. And because of this, we often don’t realise that in our mind lies the key to our visions of success, happiness, and love. To find everything we want, we have to be open to it. We have to free our mind. We have to believe in the possibility. We have to let go of insecurities. We have to exceed expectations. We have to be willing to take chances. We have to stop building those walls that limit, restrict, and block us. Tear the existing ones down. You can handle a lot more than you give yourself credit for.

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Thought of the Day: Be Open


We know what we know, and that will never be everything. There is always another side to every story, and we need to be open to that. There are always plot twists that we cannot predict, and we need to be open to that. And when it comes to our perception of ourselves, we need to open it further. We’re prone to thinking the worst of ourselves; we’re used to thinking that our capabilities are limited and that our dreams are impossible. But we need to be open to our talents and our possibilities. We need to start believing in ourselves, believing in others and believing in the future. Be open to happiness, be open to change and be open to growing, and we’ll be better for it.

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