Four Ways to Use Your Voice

Voice quotes

We all have a voice as powerful as another. But what makes it powerful is how we use our voice. Here’s four ways to use your voice:

  1. Be open and honest about your feelings: it can be easy to lie about how we are feeling and answer the ‘how are you’ question with a standard ‘fine’ or ‘good’. But expressing ourselves can be so relieving and freeing and the best way for us to unlock the solution.
  2. Treat it as a platform: take a stand on issues important to you, stand up for yourself and others. You don’t necessarily need to reach a large audience, it can simply be talking with your family and friends or commenting on an article. Share your knowledge, tell your story, support others, and spark a discussion.
  3. Sell yourself: we all have unique strengths, experiences, achievements and ideas that we need to be proud of, have confidence in and use to our advantage. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself; it doesn’t mean you need to be egoistic, but use your voice to be confident and connect with others to show how you specifically can help build the future.
  4. Ask questions: we don’t know everything and we never will, but through asking questions, we can learn a little more about the world and explore different perspectives, which we might not have encountered before. With questions, we can understand the world and put that understanding into our attitude, interactions, and lifestyle.

Don’t let anybody steal your voice and don’t get lost in the chatter. Be a voice, not an echo.