Thought of the Day: Being Ordinary


As much as there is a pressure to conform, there is also, on the opposite side of the spectrum, an overwhelming need to be original, to be extraordinary, to be unforgettable. Of course, we can be. But sometimes when we don’t live up to our high expectations, we view ourselves as failures, as ordinary, and as not being good enough. But that is far from the truth. Whether we are testing the limits of possibility or reaching for a dream held by so many others, whether we are being ‘extraordinary’ or ‘ordinary’, it doesn’t matter, as long as we are being ourselves. It can be challenging, but as long as we are sticking to our own principles and following our own passions, our life will be as abundant as anybody else’s, however much more extraordinary their’s seems. Be you.


Thought of the Day: Our Differences

Be original quote Express Not impress

We all have those parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of and insecure about, that we try to hide away or change about ourselves, whether physical or emotional. This anxiety and self-loathing grows from our tendency to want to be synonymous with others and our need to belong and be accepted. Why is this? Why can’t we see that our differences do not divide us but make us stronger? We all have different goals, different purposes, different backgrounds that shape who we are. We should not need to sculpt ourselves to fit the mould.

We all have those redeeming parts of ourselves; those that we despise may be the parts that someone else craves. We all have parts of ourselves that others respect and admire. Those parts should not be valued any higher than those parts we might be scared to show, those parts we hide away, or those parts we want to change. Face and embrace every part of yourself. Face and unfold every part of yourself. Face and improve every part of yourself. Whatever we are ashamed of or insecure about can be changed not through revising but learning and cultivating, not through modifying but accepting and owning it. All our differences and imperfections are beautiful.