Thought of the Day: What we want

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Sometimes we underestimate the fact that we can do whatever we want. We easily start confusing what we want with what other people want, until it morphs into something repressive. We want to please those we love. We want to provide for those we care about. We want approval from our peers. And that’s ok if other people aren’t our sole focus. Because people shouldn’t dictate what we can do and what we can’t do. People shouldn’t confine us with labels and rules. People shouldn’t make us feel small or inferior. They might try. But we don’t have to let them. And really, it’s whatever we want to do that will shine onto the world and make everyone else glow too.


Thought of the Day: Reactions

Reactions quote

No matter how hard we try, we will never have complete control over another person. Everyone has the right to feel, think and act in a certain way, regardless of what we think is right or wrong. In those times where our opinions oppose, we must sometimes adapt, we must sometimes ignore, we must sometimes teach. It is ultimately up to us which one we choose. We have control over our own emotions, thoughts and actions; it’s the only thing we have full control over. But we shouldn’t waste our energy or hurt our wellbeing dwelling on other people. Instead, whilst we should respect others, we should make sure we give ourselves the best outcome out of someone else’s actions, thoughts or emotions. Do not let someone’s ignorance stop you. Do not let someone’s stupidity trap you. Do not let someone’s ruthlessness shake you. Let your reactions always reflect your inner strength rather than weakness.

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