Thought of the Day: Scars


In the height of battle, we are sometimes wounded. And that can linger both physically and mentally. But we shouldn’t ever feel ashamed of our scars. Each points to a pivotal moment in our journey. Each tells a story of endurance. Each is a symbol of strength. Each marks our triumph against that which tried to pull us back and hold us down. We should feel proud of our scars as much as we are proud of our accomplishments. They make up who we are today. Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.


Happy Hour: What we need


We don’t need anything physically to be happy. We don’t need money. We don’t need relationships. We don’t need good looks. We don’t need other people’s opinions, acceptance or approval. We don’t need to make other people happy in order to be happy. No – we already have what we need. And we all have what we need. Gratitude. Will. Humility. Strength. Love. But ultimately, to be happy, we have to be happy with ourselves. It takes practice. It will always take work. Happiness isn’t something we can capture and hold indefinitely. But happiness is always something that grows from within. And if we understand that, happiness is always ours.