Change it up


At times, we can feel lost and confused. At times, we can feel anchored and overwhelmed. At times, we can feel numb and spiritless. And sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to break free from those emotions. Simply, it lies with change. Sometimes we have to change our minds, change our plans, and change our paths. Sometimes we have to change our perceptions, change our attitudes, and change our motivations. Sometimes the change is a leap and sometimes the change is incremental. Don’t be afraid of it. Own it, because life doesn’t stop for anyone. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and change it up.

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Three things to not get caught up in


There’s so much we can get stuck into in life. But sometimes there are things that end up tying us down. Here’s a few things we shouldn’t get so caught up in:

  1. In some respect, details can dampen the spirit of life. When we plan out our life in too minute detail, we set expectations of ourselves and the future. But life is unexpected, and so details can not only leave us disappointed but also rigid and restricted. We lose our sense of spontaneity and possibility.
  2. Gossip may seem perfectly normal, and perhaps even harmless, but it is rooted in negativity, hate and competition. And it doesn’t just have consequences for those we talk about, but ourselves too. When we gossip, we judge other people, we bring other people down, and we might even end up twisting stories that are passed on. We lose our sense of kindness and positivity.
  3. People are always trying to place definitions on everyone and everything associated with everyone. But let’s remember that we are in control of who we are and who we want to be. And we are so much more than just one thing or one label. Don’t be afraid for stand for something, or more than one thing, but most of all don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Otherwise we’ll lose our sense of self.


Happy Hour: Reactions

10 90 quote

We all have those moments when we are weighed by the negativity. We envy another’s life. Life isn’t conforming to our aspirations, let alone our back up plans, and we’re tired of it. There’s too much anxiety, fear, depression attached to it. It’s true that we cannot control everything that happens to us, but it’s also true that a bad situation doesn’t equal a bad life. Whether it’s letting go, having confidence, focusing on what’s in front of us, learning from a mistake, forgiving, finding the brighter side, fighting harder than before, there’s always a positive way to react to a negative situation. Make the best of the cards you’ve been dealt.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.