Thought of the Day: Politeness and Love

Politeness quote

Opening the door for someone on the street or helping someone who is or could be struggling; to smile at the people who serve you, to thank people who help you, or to wish people a good rest of their day; to reassure people who are worried and who focus on the negatives, or to congratulate people who have made an achievement in their life; to stand up for the underdog and root for the success of others. To me, all of these, and many others, constitute being polite, and it really takes minimal effort. Being polite is one of the best ways to brighten our life and another person’s life. Not only will we spread the hope for seeing the good in people and the positives in life to other people, but we will also find ourselves to be much happier, because we focus on and care about someone else’s wellbeing and happiness too. It is such a simple approach to take into our daily lives that I find it so sad when I see people being rude or mean to others. And in the end, what goes around comes around and what goes up must come down. Spreading the love is the only way to ensure that we can get it back one day too.