Blank spaces


We all have an endless supply of blank spaces to fill. Spaces to shape who we are. Spaces to discover and explore. Spaces to learn and think. Spaces to try and fall and try again. Spaces to imagine and build. We all have endless opportunities, possibilities, and fates. We’re not stuck on one road or labelled as one person. We can be whoever we want to be, do whatever we want to do, and more. Let’s not limit ourselves. Let’s let go. Let’s make the most of it. Dwell in possibility and fill those blank spaces.


Be afraid not to try

be afraid not to try quote

The prospect of putting in the hard work towards a dream and failing is enough to intimidate any of us into not trying at all. It’s true that we cannot predict what will work and what won’t or whether we’ll end up where we hope to, but we shouldn’t close ourselves off from the possibilities of the world. What if we take that chance, take that leap, take that time and we thrive? What if our mistakes signal us to a more prosperous path? And what if we could actually see into our future – would we actually want to see it? Don’t be afraid of the world. Don’t be afraid of the unknown or the possibility of failing. Rather focus on the obstacles we place in front of ourselves. Choose to get back up. Choose to see the beauty. And choose most of all to try.


Thought of the Day: Hope

Hope MLK quote

Hope is deemed by some as weak, impractical and useless; it’s an excuse for those who are caught up in delusion, because they cannot face reality. But although some of what we hope for cannot always materialise, hope is powerful. It illuminates possibilities. It offers encouragement. It provides strength. It brings direction. It can make the difference between a good and bad situation or even a bad and worse situation, because it gives us something to hold onto in all the darkness. Don’t blow out the candle. You never know when you might need it.


Thought of the Day: Life’s Responsibilities

Chuck Palahniuk quote

It is both daunting and liberating to think that the world does not owe us anything, yet it lies generously at our feet. We hold the possibilities, the choices and the potential, as long as we’re open to taking them and exploring them. We will discover that everything worth having never comes easily, but it is our responsibility to inspire ourselves and to work hard for what we want. We will find ourselves in unexpected, uncomfortable or unappealing situations, but it is our responsibility to adapt to them or change them. We will be thrown boulders and stopped at barriers, but it is our responsibility to transcend the limitations and boundaries and to reach heights we didn’t think we could. Ultimately, we need to realise that the beauty of life stems from that very responsibility. We can paint our life in any colour and any style we desire.


Thought of the Day: The Right Time

Emily Dickinson quote

There never will be a right time. Yes, there will always be a time when we will be smarter, more experienced, and perhaps less busy, than we are now. But there will also be a time when we are older, more invested and committed, with opportunities that come and go too quickly. The more we waste our time, the less we have of it, and the less we have of all the prospects it brings. Time is unforgiving and waits for no one. The closest place we have to the ‘right’ time is now. Now is the time to start. Now is the time to conquer. Now is the time to work. Now is the time to mend. Now is the time to let go. Now is the time to express how you feel. Now is made up of infinite possibilities, so let’s use them.

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Midnight Motivation: Ands and Ors

Dream job diagram

It might be considered greedy, but life calls for us to dabble, to experiment and to dip our fingers in everything we can. We can have a balance between work and home life. We can desire jobs that bring us security and satisfaction. We can find happiness in a wealth of life’s offerings. We can dedicate our free time to more than one activity. We can define ourselves in many different, even contradictory, ways. We are an array of emotions, passions and wishes. Let’s not limit ourselves by thinking that our life consists of one purpose or one goal. Let’s not restrict ourselves with one ambition or one focus. Let’s not suffocate ourselves by building walls and ceilings. Let’s stop focusing on stop signs and shut doors. Let’s instead absorb as much of life as we can by finding possibilities and opportunities. Let’s start using ands instead of ors and with that our motivation for life will soar.