It’s exhausting constantly trying to fit in. It’s exhausting because there is no one-size-fits-all, yet we pretend there is. But think ahead to your later years, when you’re looking back at what you’ve done. Do you really want to look back on yourself trying to be someone else, whether succeeding or not? We all have our own passions and dreams, our own perspectives and opinions. They don’t have to fit in to be successful or satisfying. No, they don’t have to fit in, but you have to have the courage to breathe life into them. You’re going to have to live with yourself every second of every day. Why not make those seconds your seconds? Because in the end, whatever you do with them, they’ll be known as your seconds. Don’t waste them masquerading as someone else.


Thought of the Day: Missing Out

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. 

The fear of missing out and being left behind is a pretty universal fear: we fear that we won’t hit a particular milestone at the correct time in our lives, or we fear that we won’t be invited to a certain social event, for example. Our first reaction is to try and fit in, and to mould ourselves to the conventional ideas about what life should be like. But won’t we then be missing out on our lives? Won’t we miss out on the parts of life we wanted for ourselves because we traded them in for what we were told we wanted? Let’s not go through our life pretending and wake up wondering where it’s gone. We only have one life and it’s ours. Build it, tailor it and paint it how ever you want. Don’t miss out on your life out of fear of missing out on a life like someone else. There’s no time to waste.