Thought of the Day: Pressure

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Our unpolished self is easily exposed when we are put under pressure. It might be the pressure of a family member, a whole culture, ourselves, a problem, that turns us into our worst or best selves. As a result, we might encounter high levels of stress, a shut-down mentality, a rebellious nature, or straight-out conformity. Equally, we might feel compelled to stand up for our principles, or driven to excel, exceed, and perform. But these reactions aren’t hereditary; they are choices. If we do not like they way we feel or react to pressures of any kind, then we have the power to change, if we consciously decide to and act on it. Take deep breaths. Concentrate on your own thoughts, not other people’s. Believe in yourself. Let the pressure guide you to greatness.

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Thought of the Day: The Unplanned

Life happens

It seems like most unfortunate things happen at the worst of times: our cars break down when we’re miles away from home, we spill something on our clothes when we’re on our way somewhere, or we forget an important document before a big meeting. Some situations take more time and effort to rectify. It is easy to get infuriated, especially when there is an element of worry involved about how to fix the situation. But in the midst of our panic about fixing the situation, our frustration and worry drain us of our energy to actually solve the problem. They ignite a flame of negativity that consumes everything and is hard to blow out. Our brains become too wired for any type of action. It’s natural. But we have to realise that we can’t always choose the situations that happen to us, and although it seems like the biggest problem in the world, is it really in the grand scheme of things? Since we’re already in the situation, how is frustration, anger or panic really going to help us? All it does is draw time away from the problem, because we focus too highly on the irrelevant details or the worst eventualities. We need to take a deep breath, stay calm and try to focus on what is in front of us. Get the facts, get our bearings, and make a plan. Try to laugh at the situation a bit and relieve the pressure that’s been building up. Life happens but we happen to be in control of how we let it affect us.