Thought of the Day: Hope

Hope MLK quote

Hope is deemed by some as weak, impractical and useless; it’s an excuse for those who are caught up in delusion, because they cannot face reality. But although some of what we hope for cannot always materialise, hope is powerful. It illuminates possibilities. It offers encouragement. It provides strength. It brings direction. It can make the difference between a good and bad situation or even a bad and worse situation, because it gives us something to hold onto in all the darkness. Don’t blow out the candle. You never know when you might need it.


Three Reasons Not to Worry

worrying wiz khalifa quote

Who doesn’t worry too much? We’re all heavily invested in our lives, whether we want to be or not. So naturally, we worry – about everything. But here are three reasons why we shouldn’t be investing time in worrying:

  1. Worrying serves no useful purpose – It’s a coping mechanism for anticipation, fear and the unknown. But worrying doesn’t clear ourselves of these emotions, it just validates their control over us. Worry deprives us of pleasure, ease and focus on today, because it’s consuming and exhausting. What’s the point? Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened and concentrate on both the blessings and the problems at hand.
  2. We always expect the worst – To cope with feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable about not knowing where we stand, we take it upon ourselves to try and fill in the gaps. But we often expect the worst of ourselves and of life’s attitude towards us. Although we shouldn’t sail through life expecting diamonds and gold, there’s no point in wasting time and energy worrying about something that never materialises in reality.
  3. Everything’s going to be ok – If the worst eventuality does roll around, don’t be disheartened. Every cloud has it’s silver lining. And you have the strength to find it and seize it. Save up that energy you spend on worrying for the day you’re going to need a little extra in your pocket. You’ll thank yourself later.


An Idea

Norman Vincent Peale quote

Everything begins with an idea, unbounded by reality and materiality. It may come to us on the train to work, in the middle of a conversation, in a gust of frustration, or right before we fall asleep. Combined with a pulsing heart and an urgent itch, ideas quickly become concrete in print and form when nurtured and encouraged. They transform into a necessity, a catalyst, a phenomenon, a game changer. And it all began with an idea. Why not yours?

What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve – Norman Vincent Peale

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Thought of the Day: Dreams to Reality

Dreams Reality quote

One of the most admirable qualities in a person is the ability to dream big. These people can use their imagination, find creative solutions, think outside the box and believe that the impossible is possible. We all have the potential to dream. But sometimes we have this illusion that dreams are merely an escape rather than a possibility, and therefore that our dreams and our reality will never overlap. But dreams are more than an escape, they are a calling and a purpose. They keep us going, keep us aiming higher and keep us striving further. We need to start putting those dreams into action. We all have the potential to make dreams possible. We need to be brave, take risks, work hard, adapt, and push ourselves. Dreams are not illusions or impossibilities, and reality does not need to be mundane and depressing. Dreams and reality are not opposites or mutually exclusive. We can live the life that we picture in our minds, one that we are proud of and one that we enjoy. Take the opportunity and don’t give up.

Thought of the Day: Balance

Helen Keller quote

It’s all about having a balance. A balance between the present and the future. A balance between dreams and reality. A balance between gratitude and hunger. A balance between enjoying and working hard. It might be hard to always strike a balance, but it is a simple life mantra. We don’t always get it right, but we should try again and again nonetheless. Because happiness is the most important in life. It’s not a destination, it’s a lifestyle, and it is our responsibility to create it. And we can do it.