What goes around

What goes around comes around. What we put out into the world, we receive in return. If we open our arms to the world, the world will come to us. If we approach life with positivity, good things will happen. If we treat others with kindness and respect, it makes its way back to us too. The simplest of things go a long way.

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Giving doesn’t demand great sacrifice, great spending, or great selflessness. We can give thanks or praise, we can lend a hand or an ear, and we can take others into account when we make speak or act. We can put ourselves in others shoes, we can give another the benefit of the doubt, we can respect each other, we can share knowledge and wisdom. Don’t underestimate your power to give to others. And don’t underestimate the power giving holds to make the world a better place.

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How to judge someone’s character

How to judge someone’s character: Look at how they treat those who can’t give them anything. Look at how they treat those they don’t need or want anything from. Look at how they treat those in need of something. Do they treat them as equals? With respect and kindness? Do they help those who need it without expecting anything in the return? Or are they only interested in those who offer them something? The answers to these questions say a lot about a person.

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How others treat you

You deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. You deserve to be told the truth. You deserve to be cared for and attended to, but you also deserve your freedom and independence. You deserve to be appreciated and loved. You deserve to be who you are. Don’t let others treat you differently. Everyone deserves a second chance, but those who manipulate you, abuse you, ignore you, judge you or try to change you are not worth your time, your care, your love or your tears. Don’t waste it on them, but give your gift of kindness to someone who reciprocates.

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Speak to everyone the same way

 I speak to everyone the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university ~ Albert Einstein

The number of people we cross paths with is infinite. We’ll never remember them all and they will never all remember us. But many will. And it’s important to recognise the imprint we leave them with. They won’t all be on the same level as us. They won’t all help us climb the ladder. They won’t all stay in our lives. But we should still treat everyone with the same level of respect, kindness and realness. Nobody deserves to be treated with disrespect, ignorance or arrogance. Let’s leave people with a warm feeling rather than a chill.

Helping One Another

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Treating each other with kindness, patience and respect forms a beautiful cycle of love. When we help another person, they may not always have the ability to repay us. But they give us a different kind of gift. When we act with kindness and respect towards another person, people notice and will respect us for it. In our times of trouble, they will be more willing to lend their own hands. When we act with kindness and respect towards another person, we also begin to respect ourselves. Love is how we help others to be better people. And love is how we become better people. Let’s spread the light.

Thought of the Day: Kindness

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It is obvious that we will never agree with everybody. We won’t understand their choices, their allegiances, and their behaviour. Our perspectives are coloured by our circumstances. But there is no need to be aggressive, disrespectful or disdainful towards these people. Because where does that get us? Do we think so highly of ourselves and our opinions? We end up spreading bitterness, distrust, conflict, misery and regret, when we should be nurturing compassion, kindness, tolerance, respect and support. Choose your words carefully. Be conscious of the acts you make against others. Because you will never regret being kind.

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Thought of the Day: Namasté


Although we are all intrinsically and beautifully different, we are equally all the same. We all have different bodies and minds, but we all desire respect, honour, fairness and dignity towards them. We all lead distinctively complex lives, but our lives still are our entire being, as is everyone else’s. Therefore, we should always treat others the way we would want others to treat us in the array of states we find ourselves, regardless of how far another’s life extends, opposes or differs from our own. Our relationships and interactions need to be based around kindness, love and empathy, or at the very least, respect and tolerance. Let’s unite, cooperate, and support rather than categorise, divide and judge. Let’s practice the essence of Namasté: My soul honours your soul. I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honour the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things, we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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