Strengths are realised through weakness

strength doesn't come

Only when our weaknesses are exposed do we stumble upon our strength. We shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge our weaknesses. We all have gaps in our knowledge. But asking questions can only bring us closer to the answer. We all have something we lack in our capabilities. But testing, failing and learning can only bring us closer to our desired results. We all have insecurities. But accepting them as a part of who we are can only enhance our natural beauty. Strength is realised when we admit our weaknesses. Weakness and strength walk hand in hand. There’s no need to tear them apart.


Where is the Grass Greener?

grass-is-greener quote

Where is the grass greener? Is it on the other side? Perhaps. It’s an age old question. But maybe we should instead be asking how did it get greener on the other side. The fact often overlooked is that nobody necessarily has it better than anyone else. We all have our own problems, how ever insignificant or irrelevant they seem to someone else. Those who survive, fly and thrive are those who try, stand humbly and graciously, and make the best of what they’ve been given. Nobody’s grass is perfectly manicured; it’s watered, nurtured, maintained, and fought for. Same goes with our lives. We have to give ourselves the right tools to succeed, even if those are just positivity and belief. Everyone starts somewhere.


Thought of the Day: Effort and Patience

Good things quote

That which we put our utmost effort into will be that which we value the most. We cannot expect opportunities to fall into our laps, for people to continue to seek relationships with us, or for growth, progress and achievement, without some effort. The results may not be instantaneous. They may even be shadowed with unfavourable light, troublesome circumstances, and moments of pressure. Effort is hard work in itself. But good things come to those who do and to those who wait. Be determined and persevere.