Take the adventure

The worst risk we can take is never taking a risk at all. The worst mistake we can make is never making a mistake at all. Where’s the journey? Where’s the adventure? Where’s the growth? Where’s the magic? You won’t find it hiding yourself away. You won’t find it if you never try anything. Some will work out and some will not. But out of those things that don’t, something better might. Losing that would be the biggest risk, mistake and regret.

(Image: bettermess.com)

Here’s to the crazy ones

The Crazy Ones

Sometimes we’ve got to be crazy. Sometimes we’ve got to push the accelerator and sometimes we’ve got to put our foot down. Sometimes we’ve got to walk blindly and sometimes we’ve got to run wildly. Sometimes we’ve got to break the ceiling and sometimes we’ve got to plunge into muddy waters. We’ve got to be crazy enough to believe in ourselves. And we can’t let anything stop us. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

(Image: calebstorkey.com)