Thought of the Day: Mondays

Monday quote

Mondays are akin to routine, work and lethargy. We cross the days off our calendars in relief that we’re one day closer to the weekend. But with that, we also pay a price: life slowly passes us by until we don’t even realise it. We begin wishing away our life and wasting away our days, because we’re constantly looking ahead. But every day holds a piece of happiness for us to take a bite out of. We might not be able to do what we love around the clock. But until we can, we can at least start doing more of what we love and try loving more of what we do. Why would you wait til the weekend? Happiness starts today, even on a Monday.



Midnight Motivation: Change It Up

Progress change quote

One of the deepest roots to our lack of motivation is boredom. We are drawn to the new and exciting, we revel in adventure and freedom, and we are accustomed to a lot going on at once. We quickly become lazy and disinterested, because the appeal of what we need to do quickly dissolves with each repetition and because its appeal is quickly replaced with the attraction of something more fun and spectacular.

Even though routines are essential to maintaining our goals and motivation, we can still change them up to escape the habit of boredom, and with that, change our perspective, without having to change our direction or established routine. And there are so many options. Instead of sitting at your usual desk, relocate to a library, a quiet coffee shop, or a different part of the house. Instead of trudging along by yourself, work with others or join an online community of people with like-minded goals. Try out a different way of achieving the same goal, such as a new type of exercise rather than the same old run, or asking your boss if you can help on a particular project that interests you. Add a splash of freshness and brightness into a stale practice to recharge your motivation. With this, we will not only invite a re-invigorated mindset, but also creativity, inspiration and learning. So go ahead and dabble, test and change.


Midnight Motivation: Establish Routines

Adventure Routine quote

Routine often carries connotations of monotony, caution, and convention, and someone who engages in routine is boring, unadventurous, and plays it safe. Although adventure and risk can be an intrinsic part of pursuing our ambitions and fighting for our dreams, establishing routines are essential to working towards our goals and staying motivated throughout the process.Through routines, we create intention by waking up each day with not only a task list, but a plan to pull those tasks from the paper and put them into actions. Through routines, whether daily or weekly, we execute our goals by nurturing self-discipline and structure.

To-do lists are a step in the right direction, but it can be easy to get caught up in other things and leave our goal-oriented tasks for another time. Through routine, we have a set time of day or day of the week to accomplish something that will keep the momentum of our goals moving forward. Play around with routines, whether you establish a morning or night routine, start with a daily regiment or begin more comfortably with a weekly one, or combine them all. Our bodies and mindsets will become accustomed to certain exercises or work at certain times, making it much easier to get on with them and to keep going each day. With a routine in place, every day will hold the potential for success.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal” – Paulo Coelho


How to start the day off right


The night before…

  • Create a plan – make a realistic plan for tomorrow, so that when you wake up, you know exactly what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it. By doing this, you will avoid being stressed and the hassle of being late.
  • Get organised – if you’re going to be leaving the house the next day, pack your bag and figure out what you’re going to wear. This will also maximise your morning because you won’t be wasting time thinking about this in the morning.
  • Set an alarm – make sure this is realistic and leaves you enough time to get your morning routine done in an orderly and not rushed way. Here’s a tip: when possible, try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, as your body will learn when it is meant to rest.
  • Sleep enough – get a good night’s sleep (between 7 and 9 hours) so that you can start the day feeling energised. Don’t expect to fall asleep straight away; there’s nothing worse that not being able to sleep because you keeping thinking you should be asleep.

It’s a new day…

  • Wake up with a positive attitude – if you need some encouragement, find a quote and stick it on your mirror, or tell yourself three positive points about yourself or what you want to achieve that day. Do not entertain any negative feelings from yesterday, today is a new day and a clean slate!
  • Get yourself energised – take a shower, or if you’d like, do a bit of exercise – not only does it make you feel accomplished so early in the morning, but those endorphins that make you happy really do exist!
  • Breakfast – make sure it’s healthy and substantial; ultimately, find something that you’ll look forward to eating; I’ve personally been loving cereal topped with berries. As well as that, give yourself enough time to eat, digest, and enjoy it.
  • Before you step out the door – make a conscious decision to think positively about everything you have to do that day, because everything is in your hands, and you decide what will be good and what will be bad!