Thought of the Day: Judging Others


It is natural for us as humans to be drawn to telling and listening to stories. But sometimes, we’ve got to be careful what we say and what we repeat, especially when it comes to judging, interpreting and defining other people. The line between fact and fiction can become pretty foggy.

We can never pretend to know another person inside and out. We shouldn’t allow one’s opinion of another to affect our own judgement of them. We should never make conclusions about another based on the stories we’ve heard about them. We shouldn’t even hold another’s past against them.

Instead, let’s be genuine, inclusive and accepting. Let’s be open to the fact that people can change and surprise us. Let’s realise that everyone is going through their own battles, unbeknownst to us, and they affect them in profound ways. Let’s be forgiving. Let’s be fair. We all make mistakes, but we all have something valuable to offer. Let’s try to see the good in people.