Spotlight Sunday: Samika Vlogs


A couple months back I wrote a blogpost about the reasons I love to watch the Shaytards, a family who upload daily vlogs on Youtube. As I’m still addicted to Youtube vlogs as ever, I wanted to share with you my discovery of Samika Vlogs on Youtube. This bright, entertaining and humble couple, Sam and Jennika, began vlogging at the beginning of 2014 to document one of the most significant years of their life; not only have we seen them graduate but the Samika Family are anticipating the birth of their first son any minute now! What keeps me coming back to watch them every day is their energy and their ease at making fun of themselves (they even created their own winter olympics which was hilarious!). Most of all, I admire their gratitude and their humbleness and their support of others, not only of their viewers but of other fellow and less well-known Youtubers. They are always grateful for their viewers and for the blessings they have been given. They are the type of people I want to root for and learn from. (Subscribe to Samika Vlogs!)