Thought of the Day: Purpose

Purpose Buechner quote

When we think of purpose, we think of the profound, perhaps the divine, but ultimately the powerful. We think that purpose means setting high expectations of ourselves and of the future. But purpose does not only entail mass movements to change the world and certainly is not bestowed only on particular people.

We all hold a key to a piece of the world. And with that, we all have a purpose. We can claim it and we can change our minds. We can find purpose in small actions and in greater plans. It doesn’t matter what our purpose is or where, how and why we came to it. It doesn’t matter what scale we conceive it to have or what means we have at our disposal. All that matters is we act on it. Because we all have a gift that we can share with the world. Even if we don’t realise it yet.


What we have to offer


We all have so much to offer the world, beyond what we realise is valuable, worthy, or important: love, wisdom, appreciation, support, determination, passion, ideas, humour, peace. Our words and actions do not go unnoticed, whether a simple thank you, making someone laugh, lending an ear, sharing an idea, helping someone out, and so on. We don’t need to have stacks of cash or great popularity or extensive knowledge to be worthy and needed. You have worth. You have purpose. You have so much to share. The gift you offer another person is just your being. Do not hide it away.


Share Happiness

Buddha Happiness quote

Sharing our happiness with the world is so simple. It is easily spread through a smile and a kind gesture. It is contagious whenever someone shares their passions and dreams. It is offered to another when we lend a hand or an ear. Our happiness isn’t devalued or diminished as a result. It only brings more happiness into the world. Then next time we need a lift, hopefully it’s right around the corner. Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


Four Ways to Use Your Voice

Voice quotes

We all have a voice as powerful as another. But what makes it powerful is how we use our voice. Here’s four ways to use your voice:

  1. Be open and honest about your feelings: it can be easy to lie about how we are feeling and answer the ‘how are you’ question with a standard ‘fine’ or ‘good’. But expressing ourselves can be so relieving and freeing and the best way for us to unlock the solution.
  2. Treat it as a platform: take a stand on issues important to you, stand up for yourself and others. You don’t necessarily need to reach a large audience, it can simply be talking with your family and friends or commenting on an article. Share your knowledge, tell your story, support others, and spark a discussion.
  3. Sell yourself: we all have unique strengths, experiences, achievements and ideas that we need to be proud of, have confidence in and use to our advantage. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself; it doesn’t mean you need to be egoistic, but use your voice to be confident and connect with others to show how you specifically can help build the future.
  4. Ask questions: we don’t know everything and we never will, but through asking questions, we can learn a little more about the world and explore different perspectives, which we might not have encountered before. With questions, we can understand the world and put that understanding into our attitude, interactions, and lifestyle.

Don’t let anybody steal your voice and don’t get lost in the chatter. Be a voice, not an echo.


Thought of the Day: Share Your Awesomeness

Do more of what makes you awesome quote

There are so many amazing parts to each and every one of us. It may be our compassion and heart, it might be our passion and drive, it may be our knowledge and awareness, or something completely different and equally awesome. I believe that we should all endeavour to share these parts of ourselves. We should let those parts of us peek through the bleak grey clouds like strokes of sunshine. Let’s share our talents, our pleasures, and our visions like sunbeams. Those sunbeams we expose to the world may soak into other parts of the world that need that burst of light. Those sunbeams might reflect and disperse to multiple parts of the world at the same time. Then, even on dreary days, seeds of awesomeness will grow from what we’ve shared. And in those moments when it rains, our sunbeams will only help those seeds grow. We should plant and cultivate positivity, inspiration and happiness all over through sharing parts of ourselves, wherever we can, in whatever way we can, in whatever capacity we can. We can spread self-love and love to others everywhere, just through the simple act of being ourselves.

Thought of the Day: Sharing the Future

Steve Maraboli love quote

Our future is always influenced by the people around us, from the strangers and acquaintances we run into to our partners and family who surround us on a daily basis. They can influence our mood, energy, thought processes and decisions. Sometimes we are influenced by the people we don’t want to be controlled by, especially societal pressures and our parents. To that, I think we should never be afraid of going against someone else’s wishes if they conflict with our own ideas of happiness.

Other times, it can be a bit more complicated; we may have to take the opinions and needs of our loved ones into consideration, particularly when we want to create a future to share with them. We need to make sure that we are not taking too many liberties and also that we are not making too many sacrifices in comparison to the ones in our life, when it comes to our dreams about the future. We need to find compromise. Without compromise we might sow seeds of resentment or regret, when instead we should plant seeds of stability, sharing, giving and love. We should feel free to follow our passions and dreams whilst also empowering others to pursue theirs.  Even if our dreams conflict, there will always be a way in the future. Love should be shared equally between ourselves and the ones we love. Love should never be one-sided when it comes to creating a life together. The future doesn’t wait for anyone, so we need to make it count.