Play Your Fight Song


There are times when we feel like we’re drowning. We’re trying to tread water but our body feels heavy and we’re on the verge of letting the waves wash over us. Sometimes we’re giving into those voices inside our heads and other times we’re giving into the voices of others, telling us we’re not good enough. But we need to hold onto whatever has got us this far, whether it’s passion, love, confidence, belief, courage. We need to tune out those voices and play our fight song. Because you are good enough. You are strong. You can do this. You still have it in you. Prove those voices wrong.


Song of the Week: ‘Words as Weapons’ by Birdy

Birdy lyrics

Birdy’s captivating voice coupled with emotional lyrics make her single ‘Words as Weapons’ an inspirational treasure. Words are a lot more powerful than we give them credit for. They move people. They stay with people. They transcend generations. A simple phrase can lift someone up or tear them apart, drive a mass of people forward or hold them back. They heal and they scald. With those piercing, blistering, cruel words directed at us, we should take Birdy’s advice: to have no fear and to shed no tears. When we take control of how words affect us, that is when we triumph over the power the words possess. When we rise above them by valuing ourselves, when we ignore them by focusing on our own opinions, and when we do not allow them to push us down, we convert those words into fuel and passion. Don’t let the words trap you. You decide what’s best for you.

You use your words as a weapon dear, but your blades don’t hurt when you have no fear. You think that you’re deep under my skin, you’re trying to keep me suffering. If you use your words as a weapon, then as a weapon, I’ll shed no tears.


Song of the Week: ‘Gold’ by Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole Gold

It is amazing to think that music has the immense power to influence our moods, thoughts and actions. They can pick us up and console us. Britt Nicole’s upbeat and powerful anthem, ‘Gold’, along with her slower but equally powerful, ‘The Sun is Rising’, are perfect examples. They give vitality to those who are determined and driven but who need the encouragement to keep going. They are for those who need a lift, who need a splash of confidence, who need somebody to believe in them. They are a reminder that we are never trapped alone in the darkness and that the darkness will dissipate. Never give up on yourself or underestimate your worth. You have meaning and purpose. You are beautiful, both on the inside and outside.


‘The Sun is Rising’:

Song of the Week: Heroes by Alesso ft Tove Lo


Little kids often dream of being heroes. In many cases, this involves superpowers, physical battles and life-and-death situations. Perhaps these dreams soon dissolve when we realise that life is actually somewhat ordinary and the idea of being a hero is too exotic. But every everyday person can be a hero, no fearlessness or sacrifice needed. Everyday life has potential for heroic moments, no superpowers, battles or life-and-death situations necessary. Of course, there are brave men and women that are fighting for our countries and protecting people’s lives. They are heroes. But heroic acts do not need to be monumental. Some of our actions may seem small to us but they are contributing to something monumental: giving a homeless person food or a blanket, working at an organisation that invests in research for deadly diseases, helping a younger sibling out, or talking with a lonely elderly person. They might not seem like the matter to you, but they make a difference to someone else. And that is heroic.

Heroes by Alesso ft Tove Lo:

Song of the Week: The Script

script superheroes lyrics

The Script has always been a band who have written some of my favourite inspiration songs, so when I listened to their new single, ‘Superheroes’, I had no doubt that it would make the cut. When we think about superheroes, we think about strength, powers, and courage. But what is great about this single is that it advocates that anybody can be a superhero, because we all have the abilities to take control, stand up and fight for ourselves. No matter what other people do or other people say about us, we don’t have to fit in and we don’t have to give in. If we struggle whilst facing obstacles and if we work every day and night, that is a superhero in the making, because we have chosen to resist the fate that is being laid out in front of us. We just turn that pain, that struggle, those negative voices in our heads into strength, power and courage. And that’s how a superhero learns to fly.

‘Superheroes’ by the Script:

Three Laid-Back, Inspirational Songs

Here are three of my favourite, more laid-back but still inspirational songs at the moment. These are just my interpretations of these songs, and I’d love to hear what you think of when you listen to them, because I think listening to any song is quite a personal experience. I hope you enjoy!

Satellite Call by Sara Bareilles

This is so you’ll know the sound, of someone who loves you from the ground, tonight you’re not alone at all, this is me sending out my satellite call.

This song was written for the lonely child. It is the perfect combination of soft melody and comforting lyrics. We have all felt lonely at one point or another, sometimes out of choice and sometimes we find that we are. We have all felt that we are to blame for things that go wrong in our lives or in those lives of the people around us and who we love. I think this song is a reminder that we are never alone, because there are other people who feel lonely too. It brings a sense of community and love to a situation when you are in the greatest need of it.

Storm Comin’ by The Wallin’ Jennys

Don’t run from the comin’ storm, ‘cause you can’t keep a storm from comin’

I think this song could have many interpretations, but here is one particularly inspirational interpretation for you. The storm could be a metaphor for a change happening in your life. This could be something unexpected, something saddening, or something frightening, among many other things. Hiding away from problems and letting them bottle up inside will not make those problems go away. It is always best to try and embrace those changes instead of running from them, because in the end you might find that you are a better person or it will bring something rewarding and pleasant. It’s about being optimistic and having courage.

Magic by Coldplay

And if you were to ask me, after all we’ve been through, still believe in magic, oh yes I do

Running on a similar theme to the other two songs, this song reminds us that when those unexpected, saddening, or frightening things happen and when things change, we shouldn’t give up on the faith and hope that things can be better again, that we can rectify and work on mistakes we’ve made, and that brighter things are yet to come. We cannot always choose what happens in our lives, but we can choose how we relate to and are affected by them.

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Five Uplifting Songs of the Summer

Roar by Katy Perry

Be vocal and take a stand when you truly believe in something, no matter that other people say; even the smallest actions can contribute to the biggest breakthroughs.

Reload (Vocal Version) by Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, John Martin

Surround yourself with positive energy and positive people. Not only will this help you make the most of your life but you will be spreading this positivity to other people.

Brave by Sara Bareilles

Words are influential, whether negative or positive. Stand up to those who are negative or critical and remember that words of love in any form always trump the negative.

La La La by Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith

Tune out any criticism or negativity from other people, exile any negativity from your own mind, and choose to only hear the love and feel the love.

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

New stages in one’s life can be daunting, and reaching a goal can be tiring and time-consuming, but life is what you make of it, and you will be rewarded if you persevere through the good parts and bad parts. Changes can always be epic no matter how hectic.