Time isn’t elastic

Time isn’t elastic. We cannot bend it or stretch it. It ticks on and waits for no one. We need to make the most of our time, doing what we love, being around those we love, and spreading the love. Don’t waste it trying to be someone else or please everyone else. It’s a precious gift we don’t have the luxury of keeping forever. Spend it wisely.

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The gift of time

Gift of time

Time is our most precious gift, to give and to receive. It’s perhaps one taken most for granted, because we’re spending it constantly. But time is one gift that is truly irreplaceable, valuable and magical. Time spent listening, comforting, loving, laughing, helping is never wasted. That time shapes our memories and our character, and those of the people around us. Time brings life alive. Time is a treasure we should share more often. We can never get it back, so we might as well spend it abundantly.

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