Song of the Week: The Script

script superheroes lyrics

The Script has always been a band who have written some of my favourite inspiration songs, so when I listened to their new single, ‘Superheroes’, I had no doubt that it would make the cut. When we think about superheroes, we think about strength, powers, and courage. But what is great about this single is that it advocates that anybody can be a superhero, because we all have the abilities to take control, stand up and fight for ourselves. No matter what other people do or other people say about us, we don’t have to fit in and we don’t have to give in. If we struggle whilst facing obstacles and if we work every day and night, that is a superhero in the making, because we have chosen to resist the fate that is being laid out in front of us. We just turn that pain, that struggle, those negative voices in our heads into strength, power and courage. And that’s how a superhero learns to fly.

‘Superheroes’ by the Script: