It’s ok to admit you’re not ok

It’s common for us to pretend we live in a perfect, happy life and we have the strength to fight all its battles alone. Sometimes we are happy. Sometimes we are strong. But it’s also OK to admit that we aren’t always happy and we aren’t always strong. Don’t harbour your sadness or anxiety inside. Don’t ignore it. To be free of it, we have to find our own way to release it. And that only begins by acknowledging it and by expressing it in one way or another. Be honest with yourself. Share your feelings with someone who you feel comfortable with and who you can trust. Express those emotions. It can only make you happier and stronger in the end.

Preaching and practicing

It’s easy to spout an opinion. It’s easy to pass judgement. It’s easy to talk about how life should be. But it really means nothing without action. Sure, we need an idea and a vision, but that’s all they’ll ever be if we don’t put them into action ourselves. We need to stop telling and start doing. We need to stop expecting it all from others and start leading by example. We inspire, motivate and nurture others through practicing what we preach not just preaching what we should practice. Every movement starts with someone putting it into motion. The action is the match that ignites the flame.


Thought of the Day: Vulnerability

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We all value strength, being able to withstand the bullets, the hammers and the rain storms. Whilst we can avoid some and take shelter from some, we will also be struck by some. And with that, we might get wounded. But it’s ok. It’s ok to take time. It’s ok to take a breath. It’s ok to talk to someone. It’s ok to take off our armour. It’s ok to be vulnerable. It doesn’t mean we’re not as strong. Our burning light inside will only shine brighter through the cracks.