Where tragedy lies 

It doesn’t matter if you fail, if it takes time, if it goes wrong, as long as you keep moving, keep believing, and keep striving for what you want.

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Life will get better

storms quote

Sometimes it feels as if life will never get any better or any easier. Sometimes it feels as if the world is against us and nothing will go to plan. Sometimes it feels as if we’re falling further and further, and there’s no ladder at the bottom.

But the moment we thought was the greatest misfortune might actually be the biggest blessing. That forceful pull backwards might actually be the strongest catalyst to propelling forwards. That drop into the unknown might actually be the place we learn the most.

Do not give up hope. Do not give up on yourself or your life. Keep trying. Keep fighting. You’ll be okay. Nothing lasts forever. Your life will be amazing, no matter what happens, as long as you choose to embrace it.

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alive quote

Life is simply a heartbeat. Life, like heartbeats, has its up and downs. Life, like heartbeats, is over as quickly as it begun. But at this moment, we’re still alive. We might consider it an injustice that the world keeps on turning after a tragedy, but it is also our greatest blessing. As long as our heart beats, we can change, adapt, recover, grow, be freed. As long as our heart beats, we can find happiness, positivity, success, and all our desires, despite our mistakes, shortcomings and failures. As long as our heart beats, there is always a time for a new beginning, for another try, and for another chance to feel. Don’t waste it.

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