Who’s pulling the strings?


Who is pulling the strings in your life? You? Or someone else? Sometimes we have to sacrifice, compromise, and put others first. But that should nonetheless be our own decision. We should never feel forced, controlled or trapped. We should never feel tied to a particular journey or a particular future. We don’t need anyone’s approval or permission. Nobody owns us, our life or our heart. We know ourselves best and what makes us happiest. Happiness in life is the most important. Make yourself a priority and pull the strings in your own life. Don’t leave it up to someone else.

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Go where your heart leads you

Go where your heart takes you

We can walk in any direction we choose. Sometimes we feel trapped, inundated, anchored. But walls are only in our mind. We can be whoever we want to be. It’s never been more possible to travel to a completely different place. It’s never been more possible to innovate and create a career out of passion. It’s never been more possible to be unconventional and original. We hold the map. The world is ours. Walk, run, drive, fly. Push forward and keep going. Axe those walls down and free yourself. And follow your heart.

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Change it up


At times, we can feel lost and confused. At times, we can feel anchored and overwhelmed. At times, we can feel numb and spiritless. And sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to break free from those emotions. Simply, it lies with change. Sometimes we have to change our minds, change our plans, and change our paths. Sometimes we have to change our perceptions, change our attitudes, and change our motivations. Sometimes the change is a leap and sometimes the change is incremental. Don’t be afraid of it. Own it, because life doesn’t stop for anyone. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and change it up.

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