Midnight Musings: What couldn’t you live without?

hold onto quote

What couldn’t you live without? What are you grateful for? What do you take for granted? The sound of laughter from loved ones. The comfort of a rooted home. The passion found in a new project. The thrill of a new adventure. Crossing the finish line. Freedom. Integrity. Vision. Our soul. Whatever it is, that is what we should work for, fight for and hold onto. Don’t lose sight of it. Things have a way of slipping out of our grip when we’re not holding tight enough.

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Thought of the Day: Pick Your Battles

Winston Churchill quote

Even though our intended destinations are a part of the vision we have for ourselves, we try to remain grounded, by taking each step of our journey at a time, as the best route to success. But we need to make sure that each step we take in whichever direction we choose is anchored to the bigger picture, because that is what all our hard work will come too. Along our journey we will encounter obstacles, sometimes words, ideas, and beliefs, and other times structures, rules, and restrictions. We need to be careful that we don’t lose sight of that destination and exhaust ourselves by getting caught up in moments that don’t amount to anything and do no favours for us. Do not listen to people’s unkind words or doubt, don’t be weighed down by negativity and the past, and don’t be held back by trying to please everyone or placing your vision second to someone else’s. Save your energy for the battles that matter. Focus on the road ahead of you and focus on your destination. If you want it enough, nothing is standing in your way.

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks” – Winston Churchill

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Midnight Motivation: The Inspiration Board

The Midnight Station CAE Inspiration Board

One of our biggest defeats when it comes to motivation is our tendency to wait around for it, and as motivation is heavily dependent on inspiration for many of us, we often hang around for inspiration to hit. An inspiration or vision board is the perfect space to capture and save those moments of inspiration and motivation, and to focus our ambition. And these can be tailored to how ever we desire, whether including sayings, pictures, places, art, literature, tickets, postcards, photos, sketches, or anything that ignites inspiration and motivation specifically for you. Here is where we collate everything we envision and everything we aspire to be. So in those times when inspiration and motivation are running dry, we can look back at our collection to rekindle them. Where vision, passion and hope lie, we will find ambition, drive and success.

Run Your Own Show


Since watching Ben Affleck collect a number of nominations and awards for Argo at the BAFTAs in February 2013, including nominated Best Actor in a leading role and winning Best Director, I’ve become much more aware of the number of actors and actresses creating their own films and TV shows to star in. Lena Dunham is both a main character and creator of the comedy-drama Girls, as is Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project. When researching this, I found out that this was common in the film industry, with Barbara Streisand, Woody Allen, Tom Hanks and others starring in films they directed. At first this seemed to me a bit conceited, but the more I thought about it, the more I began to realise that they were just creating an opportunity in their chosen discipline, making something they were truly passionate about, they had a clear vision of how to execute their goals, rather than waiting around for the perfect projects to come along.

In this vicious cycle of thinking, I wondered why, in these times of recession and unemployment, we can’t create our own opportunities too. In today’s world, we are overwhelmed with the false hope that life happens and we will be rewarded at some point, that everything happens to us by externally driven forces and therefore we don’t have to work for anything. Similarly, we are bombarded with the negativity on how hard it is to get a job and create the lifestyle we want, which only lessens our appetite for the journey to our goals. We too easily cower away from success when something doesn’t go according to plan. But, after all, its dedication and perseverance, coupled with failure and vision, that lifts you to success, and only you have the power to nurture these traits within yourself.

The time for creating your own opportunities can spark from a moment in your life where you feel idle and helpless; but unemployment, for example, doesn’t need to be thought of as a waste. The desire to create your own opportunities can also come from a time when you are at a crossroads, or need a change in direction, or simply cannot find the place you want to be in. If you are lost, don’t stay in one spot and hope somebody comes to find you, but make use of your time to figure things out for yourself, because it is you who is living your life. For example, create a blog, whether its one full of photography and collages, or one of random musings and lifestyle posts. If you prefer talking, create a YouTube channel. Learn a new language or get to grips with a useful computer programme to enhance your employability. Volunteer for an organisation that you are passionate about. Self-advertise and create a greater media presence on social networking sites. Use connections or contacts and reach out. In the end, it all comes down to whether or not you decide that every moment is worth seizing, and that you should take possession of those idle times, in all aspects of social life and work life. You can be both a character and a creator in your own life and the bigger picture.