Playing it safe


Instinctively, we want to run from anything that may cause us to feel anxiety, fear, vulnerability, or discomfort. And of course, in many cases, that’s sensible. But sometimes stepping out of our line of comfort and going after what we want will invite those emotions we try to avoid. But don’t let that stop you. Otherwise we’ll just be avoiding living, shying away from progress and playing it safe. And we’ll realise, perhaps too late, that playing it safe isn’t playing at all. It’s boring and unsatisfying and limiting. Live a little, don’t just exist and let life pass by.


Thought of the Day: Vulnerability

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We all value strength, being able to withstand the bullets, the hammers and the rain storms. Whilst we can avoid some and take shelter from some, we will also be struck by some. And with that, we might get wounded. But it’s ok. It’s ok to take time. It’s ok to take a breath. It’s ok to talk to someone. It’s ok to take off our armour. It’s ok to be vulnerable. It doesn’t mean we’re not as strong. Our burning light inside will only shine brighter through the cracks.