Pen to paper

Sometimes we’re afraid to start because we’re waiting for more experience, clarity or talent. But the truth is that the perfect moment won’t ever come. We shouldn’t be afraid to put pen to paper, even if our thoughts seem knotted and jumbled. We don’t have to create a masterpiece from the very beginning. We can redraft, recraft, and remould our ideas as we go along. We only need something to start with.





We’re never going to feel ready. We cannot predict every eventuality, but that’s what makes life exhilarating. We cannot learn everything beforehand, but that’s what makes life an adventure. Sometimes we just have to have faith in ourselves that we’ll make it. Because faith, belief, and confidence in ourselves is the only magic dust we need in our pocket. So get started, no waiting around any longer. If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting forever. You’ve got everything you need – everything else you’ll pick up on the way.